Chris Jones is a composer and sound designer for television and film.
His credits include American Idol, Saturday Night Live, The Sopranos,
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
and commercials for McDonald's,
Adidas, and Nissan. Over 100 movie trailers have also used his sound design productions.

Jones began his career as a performer playing electric bass with jazz drummer Jim Chapin at age sixteen. For the next two years, he was classically trained on contrabass and also studied drums with band mate, Chapin.

After high school, Jones attended Long Island University Post (LIU). There, he studied percussion with Frank Cassara (Steve Reich and Musicians, Philip Glass Ensemble), and minored in film.

After two years at LIU, Jones transferred to Berklee College of Music. While majoring in Berklee's prestigious Film Scoring program, Jones also remained active as a performer playing in bluegrass, top 40, country, and African drumming ensembles. In 1994 Jones performed in the Jim Chapin Lifetime Achievement Concert at the Berklee Performing Arts Center (playing Chapman Stick).

As a Berklee graduate in 1995, Jones began scoring films for Nick Jr. and MTV and was hired at the popular Manhattan-based VideoHelper Production Music Library in 1999. He was their senior producer from 2000-2008. 

Freelancing as a composer since 2008, he works for several different PMA labels. He is NYC-based and lives in the Hamptons.